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Please Read Before Contacting Briggs Law

Briggs Law primarily is interested in establishing a relationship with its clients. Before establishing an attorney-client relationship, we need to get to know each other. If you are interested in doing so, in your email or telephone message, please provide brief nonconfidential background information about yourself, and explain how you found Briggs Law. Please include your telephone number, a very brief nonconfidential description of the nature of your legal matter, and the names of all persons and entities involved in your legal matter so that we can check for any possible conflicts of interest.

Please note that no confidential information should be sent before we agree to enter into an attorney-client relationship. Our receipt of the information requested above, or of any unsolicited confidential information, does not constitute the establishment of an attorney-client relationship. Thus, we can represent a party in a matter adverse to you even if the information you submit to us could be used against you in that matter; and if we do eventually represent you, the information you submit to us prior to forming an attorney-client relationship might not be protected from discovery a privileged confidential communication.

After we get to know each other, and if we both agree to do so, we can establish an attorney-client relationship. This will require your payment of an advance against future fees in an amount dependent on the nature of the services to be provided. Briggs Law generally does not take on contingency fee cases.

If you remain interested in the services of Briggs Law after considering the foregoing, please send a telephone message or email with the information requested above. Again, do not send any confidential information. We do not have a privileged attorney-client relationship until we both agree to have one.